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Quality, Choice and Values

Our Mission

Walton Lodge aims to respond to the needs of all clients on an individual basis. Our care planning and delivery takes account of each client's individual needs, gender, race, disability, culture, religious beliefs, age, sexuality, social class, economic situation and any perceived form of disadvantage.

Mission Statement

Our Values


We believe that our clients have the right to privacy, and support their right to freedom from intrusion or unwelcome attention.


We maintain our clients’ dignity at all times, recognising the value of people as individuals, and the specific nature of each person’s needs.  


We will do everything we can to promote and support independence, providing our clients with the opportunity to think, plan, act, and also to take sensibly calculated risks.


We provide an environment and support structure, which offers sensible protection from danger, supported with readily available assistance when required.

Civil Rights

We help our service users to continue to enjoy their civil rights, including their right to vote.


Our clients are supported in fulfiling their personal aspirations, with the right to engage in educational, social and recreational activities designed to expand and nurture their emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual development.

Our Values



We believe that clients should be able to make active and informed choices on a range of options and enable this in the following ways:

  • Avoiding a pattern of service delivery and compulsory timings for activities like getting up and going to bed.

  • Scheduling our services to respond as far as possible to clients’ preferences, including choices regarding the people who provide them with day to day care. 

  • Including clients in the recruitment of new staff where they wish to take part.

  • Respecting diverse likes and dislikes, personal preferences and idiosyncrasies. 


  • Cultivating an atmosphere and ethos which welcomes and responds to cultural diversity.

Call Us: 01302 868897

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